Sowers are seekers and exploiters of new planets and new systems


Cut off from their Endless masters aeons ago, when the Dust Wars erased all Endless from the galaxy, the Sowers are lost children still pining for their creators' return. Originally built to terraform an uninhabitable rocky world and make it suitable for Endless colonization, the Sowers are coordinated, robotic machines with a relentless drive and energy. When their masters didn't respond to their signals after they'd made a verdant paradise, and they realized they were alone, a great existential crisis assailed the Sowers. Only when the creed named "The Calling" established itself among the Sowers, did their crisis pass. They would travel the galaxy, one barren planet at a time, turning each into a magnificent garden. For they believe one truth above all others: one day the Endless will return. 

The Sowers were originally created by the Virtual Endless, and they will not stop terraforming a planet even if another sentient species lives on it, as the Kapaku from Endless Legend learned the hard way. 

Population Traits

Sowers +2 Food, -0.5 Depletion Points per turn on Planet
10 Sower Population Increases Religious Political Output.
20 Sower Population +10% Food on systems with Sowers.
50 Sower Population "Sower Law" Unlocked.

Political Traits

Religious Religious political opinion more impacted by Religious events.
Anti-Scientific Scientist political opinion less impacted by Scientist events.
Utopian Industrialist events support Ecologist political opinion.

Sowers Law

Sow & Reap - Output Maximization Program

In order to boost production across the empire, the most fruitful planets are further developed through multiple crop cycles, industrial planning and relocation, and large-scale training and education programs.

Effects +5% Food, +5% Science, +5% Industry, +5% Dust Per Fertile Planet on Systems
Required Political experience Functional
Upkeep None

Editor's Notes: Two subtleties to note here: "5" sounds like a weak number, but if you add all of those up, that's a "20%" boost, spread over 4 different resources.

The more important thing is that "per fertile planet" part. Have two fertile planets in a system, and you've 10% to everything; etc, etc up to a maximum of 25% FIDS. That's a very strong boost - it comes at the cost of (often) having to terraform to get it, but it's a very large boost.

The down side of this "on fertile" condition though: you're not going to eke a lot of advantage out of this as Riftborn, because you can't terraform to fertile, only away from.

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